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Jared Woods

I don't want your money, I just want to meet Lily Allen

This is what it's all about. I can't do this without your help and so here are some free methods which will take only seconds of your time.

Twitter Lily Allen

Lily Allen on Twitter

For those of you with a Twitter account, this is probably the method that got her attention the first time. Just follow Lily Allen, and then tweet to her directly about it. If you can't think of anything, try one of the following:

@lilyroseallen are you going to meet that Jared guy or what?

@lilyroseallen did you ever get in contact with Jared Woods?

@lilyroseallen what did you think of the cartoon?

etc etc.

If you are going to do anything, do this. If you want to be very clever, use these tweets right after she posts something.

Also, follow me if you want AWESOMENESS.

Join The Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group

Join the official facebook group and then invite your friends. I know, I know, everyone hates being told to "invite your friends", but if the 6 degrees of seperation is true, then we are all closer to Lily than we think. I can't express this enough, it is a numbers game to spread the word, you could very well be the link that will get this happening.

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Let Us Help Eachother

Do you have a website or a facebook group with over 500 members? Then we should make a deal. You link my site, I'll link your site, we both win. Contact me and we can hook something up :)

Join The Facebook Group

Be My Myspace Friend, Oh Pretty Please

If you use Myspace, let's be friends! It makes me look more popular, and it makes you look more popular.

Talk About It

Tell The Person Next To You

Talk about it to anyone who will listen. Talk about it to anyone who won't listen. Tell your friends that there is this crazy guy who is trying to meet Lily Allen via the internet, anything. They will find it funny.

The Press

The Press

If you have connections (or even if you don't) with any publications, please send this Press Release to them. If the media gets hold of the story, that would be hilarious.

Free Stickers

Free Stickers

If you feel like being awesome, just download this pdf, get some A4 label paper and then print!
If you do this and stick them somewhere, please take a photo or just let us know!
And please, don't vandalise your city, people need to live there.

Dik Gesmeer Brah

Message Boards, Facebook, Myspace, Radio etc

I wouldn't expect anyone but me to do this, but if you really want to help, join any Lily or celeb facebook group and message board and talk about this site. Phone or email your local radio station, write on her myspace wall, ANYTHING, the more people who visit, the bigger the chance. Some good places:

Lily Allen Forums
Official Facebook
Facebook: Lily Allen Songs
Facebook: Lily Allen Remixed
Facebook: Lily Allen♥
Facebook: Lily Allen 01
Facebook: Lily Allen 02
Facebook: Lily Allen 03
Facebook: Lily Allen 04
Facebook: Lily Allen 05
Facebook: Lily Allen 06
Facebook: Lily Allen 07
Facebook: Lily Allen 08
Facebook: Lily Allen!
Facebook: You Think Lily Allen Is Hot
Facebook: Lily Allen Album
Twitter: Lily Allen Fans
Twitter: Team Lily Allen
Twitter: Lily Mega
Twitter: Lily Allen 2009
Contact FanPop
Contact Lily
Fan Forum

Even if you just copy and paste the following, it would make a huge difference, thanks:
This guy is trying to meet Lily Allen by using the internet, do you reckon it will work?

The Press

Write to EMI

This is a sure fire way, but requires a little effort on your part. If lots of us write to her record label and tell them about this website, I am sure someone will find it funny enough to pass on. Their address is:

E M I House,
43 Brook Green,
Greater London,
W6 7EF

Talk to Lily Allen in person

If You Are So Lucky...

If by some miracle of God and you know Lily Allen, please tell her about this website and end all of this right now. She will more than likely get a kick out of it.

If you see Lily in the street and she looks busy, you should probably leave her alone. But if she looks chilled, please think of my mission and tell her about it. Long shot?

If you go to a show, hold up a sign or wear a t-shirt with this website on it. If you supply a photo of yourself doing this, I will send you something cool.

Talk to Lily Allen in person

Are You Super Smart?

Can you think of any other way? Please let me know and I will put it on this page and credit you.
You could be my hero baby.


And thanks a billion, this might actually work :)

Lily Allen
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