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Juice Nothing: Home Of Jared WoodsJuice Nothing
This is ground zero of every single project I have done, am working on, and plan to work on. Also works as a Blog of sorts, and includes articles I have written for the last few years. Features updates about Help Jared Woods Meet Lily as well. Watch in horror as I kill myself on my mission to become famous.

As Seen On FacebookJuice One: As Seen On Facebook
This was a facebook group where individuals posted funny screenshots of things they noticed around the website. It reached 1000 members before it got shut down for invasion of privacy, RIP

Art PulpitationsJuice Two: Art-Pulpitations
My number 1 baby so far. This is a website that showcases art pieces from a lot of my friends. It is constantly growing with new talent, and I have worked very hard on it, so please take a look around.

Help Jared Woods Meet Lily AllenJuice Three: Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen
That's this website, if you didn't know.

Out Of The TreeeJuice Four: Out Of The Treee
This is nothing more than my design portfolio. Without it, I would be unemployed and that would pretty much destroy everything above. Relevant to you? No, maybe not. Important for me? Yes, it was.


Lily Allen
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