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Jared Woods

The Shit List

Ok, so 95% of people have been extremely supportive and see this for what it is: a fun experiment. Those people are awesome and they are going to be rich and famous one day.

However, as one can always expect, 5% of people are not very happy with me. And to be honest, generally their reasoning is so fucking funny that I had to create this page to share it all with you. Enjoy!

"I am definitely NOT going to help you meet Lily Allen.
What you do is pin people to spam her on twitter just for that reason.
You're selfish, ignorant, stupid and ugly.
I am not.
So that's the reason why I am going to meet and eventually bone her instead of YOU retard.
Hugh! jesper spoke
- Jesper Jürgens, Facebook Message

"Good luck... but it'll never happen."
- Tom, Facebook Group Wall

"You seem like a proud stalker.
You cannot get hold of just anyone on the internet because billions of people do not have access to it.
You can get her professional and/or personal information and work from there. You don't need other people holding your hand.
You could be pointing all these efforts toward something that could actually help people who are really in need. Whether you like it or not, your life long goal of meeting pop girls is not something that carries any weight.
At least you're proving a point at how materialistic our world is.
Anyways, I hope you meet her before she lands a restraining order on you." This all being an observation. No doubt you'll delete it.
- Bradley, Facebook Group Wall

"thats the stupidest shit ever"
- Deanne, Facebook

"I suggest that you give up and stop being stalkerish... it's just creepy :/"
- Matthew, Facebook discussion board

"Okay guys, first of all, sorry for being rude, it seems I'm the only selfish person here, but..
why should I help someone to meet Lily? I wanna meet her too! I'm also dying for having a picture with her. So why should I write on my t-shirt "Lily meet Jared"? Plus he probably lives in London (I can meet you anywhere in London) and therefore has million times more chances to meet her than me (Czech rep), Lilia (Netherlands) or Nadine (Austria).. etc. I wish him to meet her but am not gonna help. I'd rather help Zac to give Lily the Fanbook than this guy. Sorry for my rudeness, I'm not mean or something, I just can't see a rational reason for helping right this guy. Anyway, good luck.
- Fuuunia, Lily Allen Message Board

"im really scared for her. please stay away from her creepy man. dont hurt or abuse our lovely lily. god knows what he wants to do wen he meets her."
- thedon, Lily Allen Message Board

If you guys see anything else like this around, please let me know!

Lily Allen
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