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13/07/10: Understanding Poetry

More writings for the readers, as our latest submissions are from none other than Heather Rodwell. Catch a glimpse of her life, along with a traditional piece that is one of her best yet.

08/07/10: Lost Everything Except My Shotgun

One of our favourite poets has shot a new load of genius onto our pages, and we are grateful for it. Yes, we are talking about The Freewheelin’ Troubadour, and for those of you who get your fix with words and not just by looking at pretty pictures - this ones for you.

07/07/10: Powder Your Rose

Natalie Rose is back with her latest and greatest set of photography. With currently 92 pieces, she still stands as the content-queen, all of which deserves your full attention.

More art is just waiting for your face, coming very soon.

01/07/10: Julying In A Coma

You know it's going to be a good month when our sister site Juice Nothing has been completely changed and relaunched. Stuffed with all news from Art-Pulpitations to The Gravy Stroke, go take a look.

Onto business, our awesome Artist of the Month for July is none other than Joshua Dusk. His original style is something we always love to show people and he has been a pleasure to work with. GO LOOK NOW.

As for our Piece of the Month, it's definitely one of the best photographs we have ever had on this site. It's Frank Moody's Flies on Dogfood, seriously, this shot could make money. GO LOOK NOW.

Due to the craziness that was involved with last month's birthday, we will be taking this month a little slower to make way for some exciting new projects. Watch this space.

Did you miss it? Read the updates from June!

JULY 2010


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