What is this site about?
Check the about section.

Why is it called Art Pulp?
It was a long democratic process, which is also explained in excessive detail in the about section. I was 3 seconds away from calling it The Bergie Hut, but was convinced not to by everyone I told.

How are the artists chosen?
The first batch of these artists were people I knew usually in person who have shown me that they have some talent up their sleeves. They then gave me other names to follow through with and ask to join the site. It's a very tight community, you'd be surprised how many artists here have slept together.

Sweet! Can I be an artist?
Listen carefully this time: if you want to be an artist on this site, I suggest you make good friends with one of the people already featured here, and beg them to suggest you to me.

How are the artists of the month chosen?
Completely by me, I don't have time for much of a public vote thing right now. But justice will always be served to those who deserve it, and only the Crème de la Crème will be chosen.

Would you ever make yourself the artist of the month?
Don't be stupid.

This site uses tables?
I swear to God, if one more person asks me that, I will shoot them. Look at the art, don't be concerned with my development. I literally learned DIV's three weeks after this site went live, but I will eventually fix it up.

So no censorship whatsoever?
Absolutely not. Cunt poes fuck, anal donkey rapist. The only thing I won't tolerate is racism, unless it's really funny. Oh, and no kiddie porn please, that shit will get you arrested.

There should be sound!
No, there shouldn't. I thought long and hard about this, and I came to the conclusion that most websites should be silent. I always hated shit like Myspace, when I would be listening to my own music and someone's profile started screaming Greenday at me.

How often do you update this piece of shit?
Often! I will try keep up a routine of adding an artist or an art piece every week.

Some of the pieces are in the wrong sections.
Probably. It's up to the artists to say if they feel their work is being displayed uner the wrong header, not you.

What is JUICE TWO?
JUICE ONE was As Seen On Facebook.
JUICE TWO is Art Pulp.
JUICE THREE is Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen.
More info about all of this availible at Juice Nothing.

What about including Music as a section?
I can't tell you guys how close I was to doing this, but I don't think it fits in here as music is a far more important form of art to me.

Are you guys on Facebook?
Fo sho, click here!

I'm all about this, do you have any more websites?
As an artist, I am constantly making stuff, keep your eye on this page. For now, check out Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen and Juice Nothing.

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