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Here you can find out what happens as it happens from the frog's mouth.
Updated regularly, the only real page you need to go to.

includes Artist of the Month.

The beautiful people who live here.
In order of appearance:

Artist001: Jared Woods
Artist002: Anne Michelle-Dooley
Artist003: Scab
Artist004: MJ Reefer
Artist005: APH
Artist006: Jaclyn Woods
Artist007: Clare Foxcroft Williams
Artist008: Nolan Van Heerden
Artist009: David Adams
Artist010: Illana Kriel
Artist011: Jade Rabie
Artist012: Richard Tits Kyriakides
Artist013: Natalie Rose
Artist014: Claire Jean Attwell
Artist015: Nic Smal
Artist016: Sancho De Freitas Harker
Artist017: Karen Hermans
Artist018: Clinton Van Der Nest
Artist019: Naomi Burgess
Artist020: Natalia Gralewski
Artist021: Ant Sims
Artist022: Samantha Svava
Artist023: Nikita -Little-Maggot- Batlis
Artist024: Bryn De Kocks
Artist025: Heather Rodwell
Artist026: Michele Loubser
Artist027: Francois van der Elst
Artist028: Stu Ngozi
Artist029: Jessica Millar
Artist030: Frank Moody
Artist031: Craig Howe-Watson
Artist032: Jolasia
Artist033: Jessika Wahls
Artist034: Dimitar Bochukov
Artist035: Joshua Dusk
Artist036: Fay Harpham
Artist037: Jon Case
Artist038: The Freewheelin' Troubadour
Artist039: Danelle Malan
Artist040: Michaela Verity
Artist041: Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Artist042: Kris Cook
Artist043: Chloe Swingewood
Artist044: Demi Rose
Artist045: Mandi Garbman

includes Artist of the Month.

The work itself split by the following categories:

Piece of the Month
Filam and Animation

includes Piece of the Month.


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The long and winding story about how Art-Pulpitations came to be.

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