This is ground zero of every single project I have done, am working on, and plan to work on. Also works as a Blog of sorts, and includes articles I have written for the last few years.

Watch in horror as I kill myself on my mission to become famous.
JUICE ONE: As Seen On Facebook
This was a facebook group where individuals posted funny screenshots of things they noticed around the website. It reached 1000 members before it got shut down for invasion of privacy, RIP.

However, you can still access the As Seen On Facebook eBook.
JUICE THREE: Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen.com
The question is this: Is it possible that by using pretty much nothing but the internet, could anybody make contact in real-life with anybody else in the world? And then what if one person worked in an office and the other had hit records and millions of followers? How hard would it be then?

Join Jared Woods on his quest to meet Lily Allen, and you will be awesome!

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