Art Pulpitations is Dead

Dear You.

It’s with a bitter-sweet heart that I have had to let this one go.

The realisation hit me with such a sobering clarity that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. The truth is, I have pretty much forgot why I am doing this in the first place. The decision happened once I met Lily Allen, right there something clicked inside of me. Regardless of your opinion on that project, I really feel like I did something to be proud of and kind of achieved the impossible despite so much opposition and doubt. And now I don’t want to waste another second of my time, because you guys don’t know how much of my energy was spent on Art-Pulp. And even worse, how many ungrateful artists I have come into contact with along the way that almost treated this site as if I owed them something.

Let’s face it guys, Art-Pulp was cool and all, but there are better sites out there doing exactly the same thing. It is definitely the most unoriginal idea I have ever had that just happened to get pretty far. But it would have never actually got anywhere.

From here on out, it’s music with my Coming Down Happy album and some film projects. And as anyone knows, these are 2 of the hardest industries to break and require a fuckload of dedication and shouting. So please keep an eye on Juice Nothing or follow me on Twitter. I swear to God I am going to do stuff you will want to see, I haven't let you down yet.

Thanks so much to the artists involved. Seriously the best artists I have ever seen and had the pleasure of getting to know. You will definitely hear of many of these people in the very near future, I would bet money on that.

Love Jared Woods